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View Plastic Paradise Worksheet.pdf from CHEM 1405 at Killeen Early College High School. Construction will eventually employ 6,000 people. and focus public attention on a growing problem. Industry would only switch to a triangle, which recyclers said was too similar to the chasing arrows. twice the size of texas or as big as the US. If a media asset is downloadable, a download button appears in the corner of the media viewer. Yeah, yeah. MALE SPEAKER: I don't want to pull it too hard. It was created. In the United States. Recycle, bury, what to do with it? An endangered sea turtle? [Expletive] Christ, that is plastic. The film takes a refreshing approach of avoiding the blame game, while emphasizing that learning about the issue can lead to less plastic use by the general public.' It's hard to have faith in the plastics industry when it got out of its crisis in the '90s by telling Americans to recycle, even though they knew it was not economically viable. ; "Plastic Paradise"; Bullfrog Films. The idea behind that particular facility is if we improve the way that recyclables move down the conveyor belt, so they get separated, we're going to create better, cleaner streams of like materials. Lead editor, Wendy Shuey; cinemtaography, Francisco Aliwalas [and 6 others]; music by APM Music [and 6 others]. When you reach out to him or her, you will need the page title, URL, and the date you accessed the resource. The film provides graphic proof of this phenomenon. ', "Business is being lost; analysts are beginning to take notice. Do you think that America can recycle its way out of this plastic crisis? Sunil Bagaria is national chairman of the plastics division for ISRI, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. If the public thinks that recycling is working, then they're not going to be as concerned about the environment. Old types of recycling need to be modernized and new types of recycling need to be brought on board. Brand-name companies that used plastic were facing bans on their products. From packaging to clothing to home furnishings. Big. And this one talks about the cost of separating plastics from other trash. If no button appears, you cannot download or save the media. Starting in the late '90s, Bagaria and other recycling brokers had a one-word answer to the growing plastic waste problem: China. Amid the backlash, I headed to the Texas Gulf Coast, where oil and gas companies are under pressure from climate change and increasingly turning to plastics, now their biggest growth market. He was checking out a recycling company that he sells his plastic to. This is it. Last year, customs found that half the containers of plastic waste they inspected. Plastics have been around since the 1930's. It is virtually indestructible, never deteriorates and is produced by using resources from two of the largest money making industries in the world: oil and gas. If you have questions about how to cite anything on our website in your project or classroom presentation, please contact your teacher. The customs document we had said the company was getting plastic from the U.S. With no one from New Harvestindo willing to speak to us, we still wanted to know what they were doing with all those bales of plastic waste and whether it was all being recycled. Yeah, I mean, its bleeding already. plastic became the unrivaled material of choice for consumers. Here's this flexible bag, and it's a plastic-metal laminate. Literally me. We've got to fix the recycling system; clearly that's job one. Timothy Hoellein, Aquatic Ecologist, Assistant Professor of Biology, Loyola University'With fantastic archival footage, revealing modern images from the pacific and thoughtful, fact-based explanation, Plastic Paradise provides an educational, hip, and very entertaining look at some of the many ways plastic is affecting us all. She is known for her stylized images of ordinary objects. Glass? The Hollywood Reporter'The film everyone needs to see.' LEWIS FREEMAN, VP, Society of the Plastics Industry, 1978-2001: A vice president of the DuPont company pulled me aside and said, "You guys better get up to Wilmington. This is classic. Kamilo Beach, located on the south-eastern tip of Hawaii's Big Island, has been dubbed one of the most plastic-polluted spots on the planet. Some items, like soda bottles and milk jugs, are easier to recycle, so theres money to be made. Good stuff, easy to do. We said go to a square. Were going into the office. Some, like Keurig, saw a need for better technology. ", "Thoughtful new documentary by @sunnyangela examines the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, @plasticdise plasticparadisemovie.com #ppgp2", "Offers some alarming information that might cause viewers to think twice, about buying one-time-use water bottles. Trace the history of the material that ushered in the "plastics century." Watch Think Dig Deeper Discuss Customize this lesson 403 Create and share a new lesson based on this one. COY SMITH, Former board member, National Recycling Coalition: During that time, the plastics industry, they went around to states and they convinced those states to pass lawsand they did this very quietlythey passed laws that required that symbol with the number on it be put on plastic containers sold in that state. Allaway is a leading authority on the environmental impacts of materials, like plastic. It`s a tiny particle created when larger plastic items, tooth brushes, bottles, bags, break down over decades. This is an American city, a real community of homes and homemakers like thousands of others across the nation. to tout the virtues of plastics as a way of heading off the criticism the industry was experiencing. Back in Oregon, I put the question to David Allaway. For scrap. It's time for change, and this is that time. This is the first time youve ever seen companies from across the whole supply chain all coming together to say, "We need to fix this.". The company has not been charged with any wrongdoing related to dumping. Greenpeace went and climbed aboard it and took a huge banner that we put on it. And yet it's become ground zero for The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, syphoning plastics from three distant continents. Conversely, plastics can also absorb pollutants, such as PCBs, from the seawater. John Wesley Hyatt took up the challenge. Honolulu Pulse'Offers some alarming information that might cause viewers to think twice about buying one-time-use water bottles.' When they were running the advertising on television, they were not about how plastics can be recycled but all the wonderful things that plastics bring to us. Americas postwar boom presented endless opportunities for this new, durable, lightweight material. That kind of implies that thats where the responsibility lay. Even if there was, how do we put a price on an albatross? Highly recommended.' Stuck with plastics they couldnt sell, Smith and other recyclers met with representatives from the plastic industry. There's going to be more plastic than ever. So, if somebody throws their Tide bottle into their bin, thats a win, but what youre saying is youre seeing more and more of this stuff. Theres no one that would even take it if I paid them to take it." In this independent documentary film, journalist/filmmaker Angela Sun travels on a personal journey of discovery to uncover this mysterious phenomenon. 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You know, I have looked at that picture and pondered that for decades. The Midwest Book Review'Intriguing..chilling filmJournalist Angela Sun offers valuable new insights.' This is from California. We're covered in plastic-based gear from head to toe. Forty years on, despite a plastic crisis thats been getting worse, the industrys future seems bright. I think its a transitional moment. Is this recyclable? In New Jersey, I met a man who built a $180 million recycling business off of that waste. But most other types of plastic are technically difficult and often costly to recycle, and that makes them nearly impossible to sell, so they keep piling up. But later that night, on a back street, I met up with a New Harvestindo worker who agreed to talk to me about what the company does with its plastic waste. Did you feel like they cared more about selling plastic than they did about making recycling work? There's dissatisfaction about what's going on with the solid waste issue." And the numberthere's some words; it says, "1 PETE." This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. This film makes the case that the only solution is source control, and that consumers have a great deal of underutilized power.' Liesemer was sent to Minnesota on an urgent mission. But I had millions of dollars to do what I felt was necessary. 1996 - 2023 National Geographic Society. Lately there's been a lot of talk about how plastics impact our lives, for better or worse. It's margarine tubs, clamshells, deli containers. The industry is not telling the public just to recycle. The sacks are from a plastic company. Would any of the trash be harmless?Use this encyclopedia article on food webs and the article on coral reef food webs to introduce students to a typical coral reef food web. In the business, theyre called "mixed plastics. No, this is about all of us understanding that we each have a role to play in making the system that we have better and achieving the goals thatI think everybody would have to say we cannot continue with business as usual. Vinod Singh is the outreach manager at Far West Recycling. Do you think that they took a lesson away from how to fight the bans? The Hollywood Reporter'The film everyone needs to see.' Even if there was, how do we put a price on an albatross? And yet its become ground zero for The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, syphoning plastics from three distant continents. There's nothing wrong with promoting recycling except when recycling sucks all the oxygen out of the room and we never do anything else. He told me he could take me to a place where the company had recently been dumping plastic. Using the infographic and a world map, point out the pattern of ocean currents. The audio, illustrations, photos, and videos are credited beneath the media asset, except for promotional images, which generally link to another page that contains the media credit. For the oil and gas industry, the stakes are higher, too, because single-use plastic is their Plan B. You also have to really build up the infrastructure for collection. Our member companies, SABIC and Shell and LyondellBasell, all of whom have made major announcements in traditional and advanced recycling to begin to intervene in that space in order to bring their scale, their technical know-how and their capacity to start providing products that are based on waste. This is one of the easiest visualizations of how humans (not all, but many) have lost connection with the environment--a sad state of affairs--but the truth.' We have to show hard results. One of those companies is DuPont, and on the grounds of the first du Pont family home, I found the Hagley Library. If youre in politics, youre in deep trouble with a 35% rating. Jon and Jo Ann Hagler on behalf of the Jon L. Hagler Foundation. This is one of the easiest visualizations of how humans (not all, but many) have lost connection with the environment--a sad state of affairs--but the truth.' At Plastic Paradise's conclusion, the viewer is left pondering that the amount of plastic in the world will increase by 400% by 2050. In five years, he invented a new material called celluloid, which would become known as the first plastic. Planetsave'Sun offers a fresh, new voice for her generation and has made a film that can appeal to the masses.' They would just take the low-hanging fruits. We follow Angela Sun while she investigates the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is where the plastic waste of three different continents accumulates. Yeah. All rights reserved. A growing backlash was threatening the future of plastic. I strongly recommend this film as an instructional tool to connect ecology, communication, and global service. [Speaking Indonesian] It depends on the condition of the bales. ", We never asked the question, "Are they doing it the right way? Busy lifestyles and a growing urban population mean an increase in demand for food that is fresh. Another priority is narcotics. That's a 3,000% increase in just a few short years. Plastic Paradise is an excellent, accessible, and troubling documentary that reveals these issues. That code was a numbering system put inside the well-known symbol for recyclingthe chasing arrows. The producers know what the environmental impacts of these different formats are, but they don't disclose it. If you want to step up above, you can see the machine in action. Students will learn the unexpected economic and ecological facets of plastic pollution and ways for each of us to minimize our plastic footprint. Angela Sun provides an excellent model of how one curious person can use her talents to follow her interests, speak from the heart, and contribute to improving the world. As we continued reporting, we found even more internal documents and court filings and spoke with over a dozen industry insiders, including three top executives who represented the big plastic producers and agreed to talk publicly for the first time. Producers should disclose the environmental impacts of their materials publicly. By doing so, this film will inspire young people to act as global citizens and contribute to finding solutions for the major environmental problems of the coming century.' Documentary on the perfect invention of plastic, yet its durability has built up in oceans and is killing species that are full of its waste. One in every 10 Americans took part in rallies, concerts and. There was never an enthusiastic belief that recycling was ultimately going to work in a significant way. If you have questions about licensing content on this page, please contact ngimagecollection@natgeo.com for more information and to obtain a license. Until there is a viable option for recycling those things, we should be putting it in a landfill. Yeah, this is totally American. What do you think? The Boston Globe, Sun, Angela (screenwriter) When I came here in June, I asked them where did they get this from? Were going to have to invest in innovation, because some of these technologies still need to be further developed. It currently covers roughly 1.6 million square . Plastic enters the world's oceans, is broken into tiny bits, and ingested by marine life and birds. This is just hangers, one type of plastic. I think it is a big moment. The whole idea about, "Oh, just sort better. A good substitute is a Swap Meet. On a bright day last summer, Larson and fellow . Amazing work!' Plastics are once again on the low end of the public's opinion and now the industry is telling the public again to recycle. But the alternative is having plastic waste in the environment. When Sun tells us at the end of the film that the amount of plastic in the world will quadruple by the . So, we dont think banning these products is necessarily the right way to go. Soto, Tanya Leal (film producer). Were a not-for-profit. Sarah Appleton, National Geographic Society. Please inquire if you are with a K-12 district or school or with a public library. But as we continued our reporting in Oregon, we heard about a surprisingly similar effort that took place more than 25 years ago at a recycling company 50 miles away called Garten Services. Looking back, do you think putting the banner on the Mobro was a mistake? loungefly exclusive backpack, fox sports college football sideline reporters female, fiat 500 fuel tank capacity,

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